My name is Terrence Taylor & I love helping humans share their story through filmmaking & videography.

My story with filmmaking and videography has given me a drive and a passion to create and share experiences and stories with others. I realized filmmaking and videography was going to be a passion of mine from the first time I created my own video. I was in need of an advertisement for another company I had created and in my search for a videographer to tell my story I decided to create my own. With zero equipment but a GoPro camera I started recording. The editing was what made me fall in love with the process, I could make it whatever I wanted however I wanted; I then went on to a vlog series and gained experience, I now make everything from advertisements to wedding videos and everything in between.

I realized a media company was the “thing” I needed to created in order to encompass all of the dreams and visions you have heard me passionately tell stories about. I get the privilege to create something new and different every day. I meet new humans and learn about their stories and the things that they are passionate about as well. I live my life happy because I spend my time around others who are living their dreams and glowing with vibrations of positivity, pride and excitement.

As the President of Terrence Taylor Media, my goal is to continue to inspire individuals around the world to take action, follow their dreams and create success in the ways that bring the most joy. Storytelling with videography is a great way to make friends, learn something new and grow with a community that believes in you and the story you're creating and experiencing everyday. We should all be so lucky to have positive spirited humans in our lives that excite us to be better versions of ourselves each and every day.

Everyone has a story to tell, let me help you share yours.

Thank you.

Terrence Taylor

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