Why should I hire a videographer?

While a photographer will capture the moment of your event, a videographer will capture exactly what was said and what reactions were in the moment. Your event may go by so fast that you feel as though you missed some details, a videographer will allow you to relive your special day whether it be your teams winning goal or your fiancé getting ready on your wedding day; moments you can relive over and over.


What makes Terrence Taylor Media different from other companies?

TTM will provide a high quality and expert view on what you are trying to portray with your story in the easiest way possible for you, our client. With a consultation, together we come to a creative way to portray your event or special day. We help with pre-production by helping you find your way and offering suggestions that are in your best interest to capture the market you are trying to attract. The final production will be sent to you for your final opinion and edits, once you are satisfied with the our work it will be sent to you in whichever way is convenient for you to distribute or save.

How many video projects have you created?

Terrence Taylor has created over 100 internet videos, collecting over 100,000 views online.


How much does video production cost?

There are many pieces when it comes to a video production. We must take into consideration length of finished product, duration of editing time, casting, set rentals, music licensing, transportation/accommodations, and additional crew to name a few. Project quotes are determined once we consult with you to better understand your vision and create an appropriate fee for your specific production. We will provide a breakdown of the process and the costs associated with each step so you know what your funds are being put toward. Our goal at TTM is to create this within our client’s budget so negotiations can be made at this time.


How do I pay for my project?

We require a 50% payment once the proposal is confirmed. If 50% is not accessible to begin the project, alternative payment options can be discussed. The remaining 50% is due at the completion of the project. We accept cash, cheque, PayPal, e-transfer and credit card.  


What type of events does TTM video?

Any event that contains a story. Weddings, parties, sporting events, conferences, workshops, training sessions, tours, outdoor adventures, etc. You name it. We shoot it.


What equipment will you be bringing?

Panasonic GH5 camera, multiple camera lenses, DJI Mavic Pro drone, IKAN stabilizer, Sennheiser microphones and misc. video equipment, lighting and more.


What is TTM Videography Style?

Terrence Taylor specializes in promotional ads, video series and weddings. However, we do more than just our specialties, TTM also does work with educational, informational, documentary, entertainment, and series videos to name a few.


How far in advance do I need to book TTM for my event?

The sooner the better but two weeks out from your event would be the minimum. Two weeks is usually enough time to create a video treatment, discuss production plans, clear payments and finalize your story. 


What format will I receive my video content?

The video format you receive will be determined in pre-production meetings, depending on the platform in which you will be sharing. Most clients receive content in H.264, which is used for mobile devices and social media platforms. Final production will be shared via google drive.


Is a blooper reel included/extra?

Bloopers are created during each film session and some of the most authentic experiences during production. Bloopers are not included in video production packages however, if you would like a blooper reel for your project, this can be discussed during pre-production meetings.


Do you travel outside of Atlantic Canada for a project?

Yes, we do travel if your production requires it, ie destination weddings, location based video series etc. Our goal is to build global communities through storytelling. These costs will be outlined and discussed within the project proposal.


What happens in case of sickness or unforeseen circumstances? Am I able to cancel or pause production?

In the case of unforeseen circumstance, our goal is customer satisfaction. We will pause production and create a plan moving forward that accommodates all parties involved. 

Clients are also able to cancel their production at any time. All work completed to that point and the costs associated must be paid in full to receive content from TTM.