Why should I hire a videographer?

The same reason you hire a professional for anything. Yes, we can all tell stories on our phones on Facebook and Instagram, but are you creating the highest quality content with clear messaging, paired with the strategy to reach as many people as possible? If the answer is no, that is why we are here for you.


What makes Terrence Taylor Media different from other companies?

1. Creativity. I'm me and no one can create like me.

2. Pairing high quality video content with digital marketing strategies. Most videographers create a video and send you on your way. Most marketing consultants can not create video content for you. TTM will pair that video/video series with online marketing strategies, offering a full service option to increase views and growth of online communities on social media.


How many video projects have you created?

Terrence Taylor has created over 100 internet videos, collecting over 100,000 views online.


How much does video production cost?

That's like asking a fashion designer how much it costs to make a dress, a mechanic how much to build a car and a chef how much it costs to make a meal. 

There are a lot of pieces when it comes to video production. Take into consideration things like: length of time, casting, set rentals, music licensing, props, transportation and accommodations, length of editing time, formats required, equipment rentals, additional cast and crew, etc. Project quotes are determined once we consult with you to better understand your vision. Once we've spoken and determined your end goal, TTM will create and present you a project quote, outlining the process and the costs associated. Our goal is to create this within our client's budget so negotiations can be made at this time. 


How do I pay for my project?

A 50% deposit is required to confirm proposal. If 50% is not accessible to begin the project, alternative payment options can be discussed. The remaining 50% is due at the completion of the project. We accept cash, cheque, PayPal, e-transfer and credit card. 


What is the sales/profit my company should expect to see after hiring TTM?

This is determined based on the services purchased. Your results increase from simply purchasing a video for promotion to creating a digital marketing strategy to be paired with your single video or video series. However, TTM has a focus on generating sales for our clients, but  our main priority is increasing awareness and helping to build your online community. Understand this takes time, so sales and profits are not always seen directly and immediately.


What type of events does TTM video?

Any event that contains a story. Weddings, parties, sporting events, conferences, workshops, training sessions, tours, outdoor adventures. You name it. We shoot it.


What equipment will you be bringing?

Panasonic GH5 camera, 20mm + 12-60mm lense, DJI Mavic Pro drone, IKAN stabilizer, Zoom H1 x 2 + H5, Rode SmartLAV x 2, misc. video equipment, lighting and more.


What is TTM Style? Cinematic, documentary, vlog, etc.?

Terrence Taylor specializes in short promo ads, 60 second videos, Instagram and Facebook promotional videos, experience vlogs, 2 minute or less event videos and short documentaries. CLICK HERE to see our work. 


How far in advance do I need to book TTM for my event?

Two weeks is usually enough time to create a video treatment, discuss production plans, clear payments and finalize your story. 


How will the audio be handled?

TTM has an assortment of audio equipment, depending on the job. We use a mix of lavalier microphones and on camera microphones, both Rode and Zoom products.


What format will I receive my video content?

The video format you receive will be determined in pre-production meetings, depending on the platform in which you will be sharing. Most clients receive content in H.264, which is used for mobile devices and social media platforms.


Is a blooper reel included/extra?

Bloopers are created during each film session and some of the most authentic experiences during production. Bloopers are not included in video production packages however, if you would like a blooper reel for your project, this can be discussed during pre-production meetings.


Do you travel outside of Atlantic Canada for a project?

Duh we will! Our goal is to build global communities through storytelling. These costs will be outlines in the project proposal.


Are the films copyright protected?

The rights to each film are owned by TTM. Client pays for the rights to use the content for promotional use (similar to licensing a song in a movie or TV show). If client would like to own the content out right, this will be determined in the pre-production meeting.


What happens in case of sickness or unforeseen circumstances? Am I able to cancel or pause production?

In the case of unforeseen circumstance, our goal is customer satisfaction. We will pause production and create a plan moving forward that accommodates all parties involved. 

Clients are also able to cancel their production at any time. All work completed to that point and the costs associated must be paid in full to receive content from TTM.