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Full Court 21

The world’s most unique basketball tournament, played in 24 countries around the world. It’s you vs. the world.


Ever want to list your home on Airbnb and make some extra money with your property? Well look no further, HostOften is here to help.

Metro Care & Share Society

Help send Metro area youth to university. Yes, that’s what the Metro Care and Share Society does for youth in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

TreePad Property Management

Are you a student looking for a place to stay close to your local university? TreePad Property Management is here to help!



Have you ever been drawn as a cartoon at a conference you were attending? What about witnessing a mural being drawn live at the last event you attended? Sounds cool, right? Well, see for yourself!

HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development

Check out the BRILLIANT Youth Conference and listen to the voices of youth creating change in their communities.

Social Innovation & Social Finance Strategy

With the help of Bravespace, check out the plans for growth and development in the social sectors for Canadian businesses.



A podcast born out of an all too familiar frustration; navigating life as an aspiring creative. How do you pay the bills? How do you grow? How did you get anywhere in the city of Halifax? Well, Duane Jones, Terrence Taylor and Pete Hemsworth are set to give you a raw, unfiltered look at their journey. CLICK HERE to listen to the latest episode!


Atlantic Fashion Week 2017

Check out the sights and sounds of some of Atlantic Canada's hottest designers and fashion gurus. Welcome to Atlantic Fashion Week

Andy Hines x City of Halifax

In collaboration with the City of Halifax, we welcome home Nova Scotia's own, filmmaker and director, Andy Hines. Andy, of Avondale, NS, returned to speak to the creative community and share the story of going from walking up and down Barrington St. with his camera, making promotional videos for companies on the spot, to being Grammy nominated for directing Logic's music video, 1-800-273-8255.

Kayo - Winter in St. Lucia

Had the pleasure of front row, backstage and behind the scenes privileges to hang out with a musician who's goal is to create timeless music. His name is Kayo, how album is called Winter In St. Lucia. If you're not listening to it, you should be...

Charlottetown Diversecity Multicultural Festival

Events provide opportunities to capture once in a lifetime moments to be shared forever. Event films are also a great way to showcase authentic customer feedback and live testimonials. 

Danny Depalma & Acadia Basketball

You can learn a lot about a person, brand and organization in 60 seconds. Tell a short story about what you're passionate about and we'll uncover the best ways to market and sell yourself.

Chef Roark MacKinnon

Sometimes it's better to leave your event surprise exactly that, a surprise. Check out a short story that captured the behind-the-scenes creation of a winter beverage that saved the sailors and left Islanders excited to try their favourite local beer, with a twist.

Welcome to Covers Media Groupas we share the sights and sounds of their open house! Congratulations to the team and watch as we celebrate the launch of their new office space.

Air Realty

Are you looking to sell your home? Well look no further! Air Realty is a licensed real-estate broker to help you get your home on the market and sold! We made a 60 second video to help tell that story! Check it out.

A Terrence Taylor Film

Create short promos that make people scratch their heads and ask, "huh?" but proceed to continue watching more. 

Alfred Burgesson

One of my favourite humans and young creatives and entrepreneurs calls Halifax, Nova Scotia his home. At 20 years young, Alfred Burgesson has inspired me to chase my dreams of being a super creative and understanding how I can take my passion and turn it into profit. Thank you Alfredo.

behuman clothing

It's one thing to photograph your models and post product shots of them wearing your geniusly crafted fashion creation. It's another thing to show the story of how you gathered so many fantastic people in a room and created a moment that will never be forgotten. 


It's been incredible watching Lacey Koughan turn her personal experiences as a girl growing up in the digital age, into a movement that supports young women around the world. Honesty, openness and a willingness to be vulnerable helps bring us together, but it's love that keeps us together.

UPEI Women's Basketball

When we think of sports, we often see it one dimensional. Wins, losses, coaches, players, X's and O's. Boring. There's a much deeper love of sport for those who play the game they are passionate about.



 Moments in Culture

Check out Duane Jones of Art Pays Me as he creates a fashion show to take social issues and transform them into art and fashion. Check out to learn more! 


Rotary Summerside

We live in a world where 60 seconds is usually all we get to sell ourselves. However,  for those with longer attention spans, here is a way to create a short film that documents moments and share stories in a more cinematic fashion.


Video series content is great to build anticipation for the launch of your dream creation. Learn about the people involved and listen to their stories. They're bound to engage with your online community and make sure your next event is standing room only! 

Placemaking 4G

#WHYHERE Campaign

Listen to the reasons why Atlantic Canadian youth are choosing to live in the Maritimes!

Lindell Smith

Laura MacAulay

LaMeia Reddick

Autumn Grant

Ariane Tye

Emily Dexter


Community Development Business Corporation (CBDC)


Adorable Dogs Grooming Spa


More stories coming soon…

Halifax Black Film Festival


Check out the work of some of Atlantic Canada's most creative and artistic entrepreneurs.









PEI Fest: July 13 - 16, 2017


Atlantic Canada Career Week: October 30 - November 3