Our clients experience a pairing of creative video storytelling with comprehensive social media strategies that will convert strangers into followers and followers into customers.

Terrence Taylor Media appreciates that we can connect instantly by iMessage, email or direct message. We are actively connected to businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, but being located in Eastern Canada, we are 5 hours from the U.S., Europe and most of Canada. We are excited and look forward to collaborate with like-minded businesses around the world.

We offer three services:


Video Storytelling

Social Media Services & Management

Coaching & Workshops



Video Storytelling

is a FOUR step process:



Pre-production is the planning stage, in which we meet and learn more about you and your story. We also begin drafting a script, interview questions, cast locations and complete the blueprint for your video story.



During production, the lights are on and the camera is rolling! We will spend our day(s) capturing the moments that define who you are. We record audio, video, interviews, b-roll and collect the pieces to complete your story.



Now that the moments are recorded, it's time to put them together. During the post production stage we will add music, effects, colour correction and more, sharing the draft until it's been finalized to your liking.



Once the project is complete, we will prepare the visual documents for you. Whether we hand deliver you a hard drive, send files via Dropbox or upload them to YouTube, we will prepare the final copies of your masterpiece story. 

It’s important to know if you require a single video or if you are looking to build a more consistent posting schedule using video series content. Regardless the number, we use video, photos, audio and script writing to craft a creative tale that is authentic to your brand and shares a unique story with your viewers. We will direct, shoot, edit and deliver content that increases both your brand awareness and sales.

We create the following types of videos:

Aerial filming, corporate video, crowdfunding videos, documentary production, education and e-learning, experience vlogs, event experience videos, photography, product reviews, promotional videos, PSA's, travel reviews, tourism videos, TV commercials, website and YouTube videos.


Terrence Taylor Media also offers hourly, half and full day services for the following content creation desires:

Creative direction, production planning, videography, photography and video editing.

2hr. minimum. Half Day: 5 hours. Full Day: 10 hours

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Social Media Strategies & Management


It's important to understand your goals in order for us to deliver the right service for your needs. We offer two types of social media strategies:


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Branding strategies are more than creating a cool logo that everyone remembers. Its about developing your social media identity and how you are viewed online. This strategy is geared towards awareness, developing themes and visual aesthetics, creating a voice and making sure the Internet and all its humans, hears what you have to say.




 Marketing strategies are focused on creating ways to increase sales. Whether through creating posts for social, a contest on Facebook or starting a vlog to convert followers from your social to your website, a marketing strategy will help you deliver your customers a product or service they can not live without.



Whether you require a social media strategy from concept to delivery or to work alongside your existing team to enhance your current strategy, Terrence Taylor Media is your social media specialist. Your social media strategies is created through understanding how you communicate online and developing content your followers will enjoy.

The next step is converting them from followers to repeat customers and life long online community members. We use strategic content marketing, including blog posts, YouTube vlogs, photography and daily social media posts to engage with and grow your online community.

Social Media Management:

Simply put, our goal is to build, grow and manage your online community. We use analytical tools to better speak to and understand your target audience online. Yes, a growth in followers matters, but anyone can buy followers or use bots to inflate their online credibility. It never works because it doesn't last. Organic traction takes time but in the end, you cultivate an authentic following of actual humans that support what you do. We will check in with you monthly to provide analytics to prove that we measured up to the promises we made.

Consulting & Workshops

Want to learn the things I know? Want access the creativity and ideas in my brain? We offer one-on-one consulting for artists, startups and existing businesses in:

Business development

Online marketing

Brand development

Video concept development 

Script writing


Terrence Taylor Media has also developed small and large group workshops, educating youth, entrepreneurs and business organizations on storytelling and the value of building online communities. Workshop topics include:

Business Development 101 - Living in the Digital World

Measuring Success: The Metrics You Need to Validate Your Concept

Digital Interaction vs. Human Relationship Building

How to Build Your Brand Personality

Preparing For the Worst: The True Definition of Failure

To schedule a workshop, consult with us on your next project or begin telling your story online, click here to fill out the project proposal submission form.